Privacy statement

Little Dutch


Article 1.                   


 1.1.               The following definitions are used in this privacy statement:

a.         Little Dutch: the user of this privacy statement: Little Dutch established at Leeuwenhoekstraat 68 in Berkel en Rodenrijs, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number;

b.         visitor: the visitor to the website;

c.          customer: a party purchasing one or more products from Little Dutch;

d.         website: the website, of which Little Dutch is the owner.


Article 2.                   

Business and personal data

 2.1.               Careful handling of business and personal data is extremely important to Little Dutch. Little Dutch processes these data in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations (Personal Data Act).


Article 3.                   

Purpose of the processing

 3.1.               Little Dutch collects and processes business and personal data for the following purposes:

a.         realisation of the agreement with the customer;

b.         delivery of the products;

c.          maintaining a customer relationship with the customer;

d.         in order to keep the customer informed regarding the products offered by Little Dutch.

 3.2.               The business and personal data of the customer are only used for sending digital newsletters or other commercial communication by email if the customer has granted its explicit, unequivocal permission for this to Little Dutch. The customer can withdraw this permission at any time, see article 4.

 3.3.               Little Dutch will not approach the customer by email for direct marketing purposes if the customer has not given its permission for this.


Article 4.                   

The right to object

 4.1.               The customer is entitled to lodge an objection to the processing of its business and personal data for direct marketing purposes.

 4.2.               An objection can be lodged by the customer in various ways, including:

a.         electronically to the email address:;

b.         by clicking the link in the email containing the newsletter, enabling the customer to unsubscribe from such newsletters.

 4.3.               Each digital newsletter sent to the customer contains a notice to the customer indicating the possibility to lodge an objection.

 4.4.               If the customer lodges an objection to the processing of its business and personal data for direct marketing purposes, such processing will immediately end.


Article 5.                   

Provision of business and personal data to third parties

 5.1.               Little Dutch will not provide the business and personal data of the customer to third parties, unless one of the exceptions identified in article 5.2 is applicable.

 5.2.               Little Dutch is permitted to provide the business and personal data of the customer to a third party:

a.         if the customer has given explicit permission for this;

b.         in the context of a statutory regulation or judicial proceedings;

c.          in order to protect the rights or property of Little Dutch;

d.         in order to prevent a crime or to protect state security;

e.         in the event of a suspicion of fraud or other illegal activities;

f.          if it is necessary in the realisation of the agreement, such as the provision of address details to a transport company.

 5.3.               Third parties engaged by Little Dutch, such as but not limited to parties sending newsletters, are not deemed third parties within the meaning of this article.


Article 6.                   

Security measures

 6.1.               In order to prevent the personal data of the customer being seen by unauthorised parties, Little Dutch has taken various security measures, including measures against unauthorised access, use, amendment, unlawful and unintended destruction and unintended loss of business and personal data.


Article 7.                   

Cookie policy

 7.1.               Little Dutch makes use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information which a server sends to the browser with the intention that this information is returned to the server again on a subsequent visit. Cookies cannot be used to identify persons, only machines.

 7.2.               The visitor has the option of modifying his or her web browser in such a way that cookies already placed are removed, and that placement of cookies is totally blocked. How the visitor can remove cookies and block the placement of cookies differs for each web browser. For more information on this, the visitor can consult the help function of his or her browser. The removal and blocking of cookies may result in the customer not being able to place orders via the website.

 7.3.               Only if the visitor has given prior permission for this does Little Dutch place cookies which are not necessary for the operation of the website or analysis purposes.

 7.4.               Using Google cookies, Little Dutch gathers and analyses information related to use of the website, such as the number of hits, the pages accessed most frequently, downloads, the web pages visited before and after the visit and the duration of a customer session. This Google service is called Google Analytics. The purpose of these general visit data is to optimise the structure of the website.


Article 8.                   

Privacy policy of third parties

 8.1.               This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties which are connected with the website by means of links. Little Dutch does not accept any responsibility or liability in connection with the manner in which these parties handle business and personal data. For more information on the way in which these third parties handle personal data etc., the visitor should consult the privacy policy of the website in question.


Article 9.                   


 9.1.               If the visitor has any questions about the privacy statement or is of the opinion that the website or the actions of Little Dutch are not in line with the privacy statement, the visitor can contact Little Dutch.


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