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Our office is located at the following address:

Little Dutch
Industrieweg 74
2651 BD Berkel and Rodenrijs
The Netherlands

Telephone numbers:
Customer service: 010 200 45 55
General: 010 737 10 80

Do you have a question which cannot be found in the FAQ?
If you have a question which you cannot find the answer to in the FAQ section, please contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send an email to

I would like to become a dealer for Little Dutch.
Do you want to include Little Dutch in your own store? Please fill in this dealership form or contact to discuss the possibilities.

Where can I buy Little Dutch products?
Little Dutch products can be found in many stores and webshops in
The Netherlands and abroad. Please check our Store Locator for all our points of sale.

I have a complaint about a Little Dutch product bought in a different webshop/store.
All Little Dutch products are manufactured with the utmost care.
It is important to us that all our products are of excellent quality and that our customers enjoy using them.
We would like to help you! You can choose from three options:
1) Have you purchased Little Dutch toys and you wish to return them, please contact the shop where you bought the product.
2) If you cannot go back to the shop, please contact the product’s supplier (see contact details below).
3) You can contact us directly for paint, wallpaper, lighting, textile or melamine products: complaint form.
1) Are you not completely satisfied? Please contact the web shop, supplier or shop where the product was purchased.
Depending on the product and the nature of the problem, the shop will be able to find an appropriate solution together with you.
2) Do you have a question or complaint about one of the product groups mentioned below, and you are not able to go back to the shop or webshop, please contact the relevant supplier:
-  For toys:
-  For travel beds, strollers or bouncer chairs:
3) If you have any questions about other Little Dutch products, feel free to contact us by completing our complaint form. In order to properly assess the complaint, we would like to receive a clear picture that shows the problem. We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss with you the issue.

Do our wooden toys meet relevant safety requirements?
All materials Little Dutch uses for its wooden toys comply with the latest European REACH Regulation concerning chemical substances. The products have been tested according to the latest European Directives EN 71 parts 1-3, Cadmium and PaHs. Please be aware that wooden toy parts are not meant to be put into mouths. Try to avoid small children biting or chewing on the products.

Do not leave the toys outdoors or in humid spaces. Do not immerse the product in water. Keep wooden toys away from heat sources and do not expose them to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Use a soft, moist cloth to clean toys and allow them to dry thoroughly. Do not use any detergents. Regularly check the toys for damage and wear and tear. Do not use the toys if they are damaged and keep them out of reach of children in this case. Finally, please note the product’s age recommendation, which can be found on the package. Toys may contain small parts, which can cause suffocation.

Have all Little Dutch blankets been tested?
Our blankets have been tested. They have a very good air permeability
and a TOG rating of 1.6.

What is a TOG rating?
A TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating measures thermal resistance and is commonly used in the textile industry. The higher the TOG rating, the better the product will keep you warm. Please click here to find more information on TOG ratings.

How do I make up a bassinet and a cot with a blanket and a sheet?
A safe cot has to comply with a number of requirements. Make sure that the bed is made up in a short and tight fashion and that your baby is not feeling too warm. Do not use a duvet, a bumper or a pillow until your baby is two years old. Click here for a short explanation on how to make up a child’s bed.

How can I best wash my Little Dutch product?
If you buy Little Dutch textile, you are sure to buy high-quality products.
To keep your products in good shape and keep the colours as bright as possible, please check our washing instructions here.

When do I use a sleeping bag?
A sleeping bag makes sure your child sleeps comfortably. A sleeping bag prevents your child from rolling from back to tummy, climbing out of the bed and kicking off the bedclothes.

Make absolutely sure the sleeping bag is not too big and fits your baby well.
The armholes and neck should not be too wide. Make sure your baby cannot slip down into the sleeping bag. The zip should open up from bottom to top.
This prevents the neck size from varying and your child from opening the zip himself.

If you use a Little Dutch winter sleeping bag (with sleeves) combined with pyjamas or a romper, you often do not need any other bedding.

During warmer days you can use the Little Dutch summer sleeping bag (without sleeves) and a sheet or a thin blanket, provided that the bed is made up in a tight and short manner.

Can I use fleece on my baby?
Tests prove that it does not really matter which material the blanket is made of; it is the thickness of the blanket that determines its warmth.
Wool, cotton and fleece each have their own specific qualities when it comes to air permeability, fluid regulation, thermal resistance, drapability and the influence of washing. 
Our blankets are light, nicely warm and breathing. Little Dutch blankets have been tested and have a very good air permeability. Please find more information on TOG ratings here as well.

What are the dimensions of the Little Dutch products?
You can find the dimensions in the product information.
Please see our size chart for a complete overview.

Can I use the swaddle blanket in a car seat as well?
We have deliberately chosen not to create any openings in the swaddle blanket, in order to keep your little one as warm as possible. However, it is possible to use our swaddle blanket in a car seat. Click here to read the instructions.

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